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Clothing is worn for various reasons, could be to make a fashion statement, to stay warm or because all Earth dwellers have to do so. Whatever your reason is, here are 10 top clothing stores online where you can buy women’s clothes. Are you searching for trendy, affordable, chic or sustainable clothes? Well, search no further!

Top 10 Women’s Clothing Stores Online:


1). ASOS.

Asos is a London based online clothing store that sells over 800 brands (including theirs). If you are searching for the perfect prom dress, a comfortable tee or you are going on a date and you need a dress that says, “Elegant with a pinch of sass”, Asos women as got you covered! There is just something special about their collections more precisely their dresses, they have this uniqueness and modern day-vintage style appeal.

Also, the simplicity of their site allows for you to focus on the business at hand, shopping! Whether its “Window-shopping”, “I’m bored and just occupying time” you name it, asos’s site makes it pretty easy.

Plus, they sell clothes by other popular and cool brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Boohoo and Missguided to mention a few, at affordable rates. Sometimes, the stock images offered by online stores can be a real turn-off especially when shopping for clothes more specifically a dress or jean trousers, you need to know how well it will fit your body and that’s why most times you will rather go to a boutique. Better safe than sorry. Well, Asos offers you a video option so you can view short clips (approx. 12 seconds) of any outfit you wish to buy and there are about 4 images available, that shows the models rocking the outfit at different angles.

If you are searching for a place to buy clothing by brands that encourage sustainability without having to comprise your unique sense of style, you should try Asos. There are a number of ethical brands that you could select from. All you need to do is type, “recycle” in the search box and click.

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Asos always has some really cool deals for their clothing on sale, you could get the perfect dress for as low as 3.50 pounds! I mean, why let your savings sweat when you can get the best of the best without stress.


Macy’s Inc. is a New York-based online clothing retailer store, where you can find a vast selection of outfits for a variety of events. Whether it’s something professional for your first interview or a casual tee and pants to wear while walking your dog.

If you are a working-class or very active woman who needs a go-to online store where you can buy all the kinds of clothing you need, be it a stylish summer dress, sweaters for the winter chills, acute shorts or you want to switch-up with a fashionable jumpsuit, then you just might find a fascinating piece on their site.

They have a nice collection of luxurious lingerie and of course, regular bras and underwear. The prices of their products are quite reasonable, Macy’s also offers really cool deals women’s black Friday deals, Cyber Monday deals and Christmas gift guide.


Lulu’s is a US-based online women’s clothing store with their headquarters in California. Aside apparel they also sell shoes, swimwear and accessories. They take vintage and retro style to a whole new level!  And approximately 80% of their stocks are private label (this means they buy stock items from other companies who then sow in Lulu’s label).

But, you can also find other popular brands on their site too like Levi’s, Free people and Steve Madden. They have an amazing Tie and dye section that showcases a lot of fabulous skater dresses, casual tees and cool pants (with incredible patterns too). If you wish to buy a trendy sweater or cardigan that is both cosy and cute check out Lulu’s, they have a certain uniqueness to them and looks as if they were handmade (yeah, they are that cute!).

You can also pay for your purchase in instalments (just click on your item of interest and you’ll see more details below the price details). Also, their site layout is absolutely brilliant!


Missguided is a UK-based brand that is into fast fashion (clothing manufactured based on the most recent fashion trend). They rely heavily on street wear and social media (for example, a popular A or B list celebrity) for inspiration.

If you are a young and active teenager or woman, who loves to dress up in chic and trendy outfits, Missguided makes it easy for you, They drop up to 1000 new products every week, their designers get some of their ideas from the catwalk too. On their site, you will find a huge selection of outfits for any occasion, ranging from the trendy blazer, to a little black dress or a maternity dress.

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You are probably aware of how harmful fast fashion could be especially to the environment and the workers, well in that Missguided doesn’t seem to be so guided. If you are strictly against unethical brands, you should note this.


New look is a UK-based multichannel retailer, where you can find a collection of women’s clothing that appeals to a wider audience. Sometimes, searching for a stylish plus-size dress or denim trousers could prove to be too much hassle. New look is very aware of this and they made available a wide range of cloth size.

There are a lot of filters you can choose from to make the process of searching easier and their site is very user-friendly and quite easy to navigate. Women’s clothing is very affordable here too and they offer a free delivery service for purchase that cost more than £25 (Ts and Cs apply). Plus you get really good discount deals.

New look is an ethical brand and they have great values for their customers, the people who work for them and the environment.


Reformation is a US-based eco-friendly fashion label with an online clothing store were women who highly prioritize sustainability can shop.

You will find a lot of the collections on their site appealing, this is outfits you need for day-to-day functions, for example a wide-leg denim jeans, a stylish mini-dress or cool boyfriend sweater. Even though the products when compared are not as affordable as the rest from the online women’s clothing stores on this list but they are worth it. There is also free delivery on all orders.


Boohoo is a UK-based online clothing store for women. On this list, they take home the prize for a place where you can buy affordable clothes. Just click on the “under £5” (yeah, everything there is under £5!) in the price section. You also have the choice to pay in instalments using services they offer such as Clearpay, Laybuy and Klarna (read more on this on their site).

 They specialize in own-brand fashion clothing, this means Boohoo designs, source, markets and sells their clothing and their target audience are young women and teenagers. The plan is to buy a killer dress without you know, killing your savings right? Well, Boohoo’s discount code as you covered, you get 70% off everything! (Again, check their site for more on this).

 You will find out that although cheap, their clothes have better quality when compared to the likes of H & M or Forever21. They have all kinds of outfits for any occasion you can think of and a really classic blazer dress collection.


Urban Outfitters is a US-based online retail fashion store where you can buy women’s clothes. If you are into retro styles or alternative fashion, you could check out their site. Their denim and lightweight jackets collection is a dream come true.

Also, Urban Outfitters as a surplus store where you can shop for bargains on women’s clothing too, at 30%-90% off.

9). ZARA.

Zara is a Spanish online retail store and is one of the biggest international fashion companies. At Zara’s you can buy both high-quality and low-quality apparel (depending on the cloth brand). Zara is one of the fast fashion companies, so you are sure to find a new trendy or stylish clothing every other week.

Their store provides you with high fashion at low prices and aside from in trend affordable clothes, you can also buy classic basics like stylish blazers, casual tees and office dresses.

Currently, Zara as a lot of coupons and discount codes ranging from 20%-75%, way to make shopping for clothes fun!


Dillard’s Inc. is a US-based online luxury clothing store where you can find quite a number of popular fashion brands like Lauren Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Free People etc.

Their best feature is the availability of stylish plus-size women’s clothing, from the latest trend to good classic wears. If you are on a tight budget but you need to shop for clothes and get your money worth, you could try their “sale and clearance” section.

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There are numerous stores online where you could shop for clothes, but this list helps you with the top and best ones. Happy shopping!