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It is a well-known fact that you are never fully dressed without the appropriate jewellery. That notwithstanding, a lot of people go without it because they believe quality jewellery costs an arm and a leg.

If you one of those who think this way, your fear is not unfounded. However, many stores sell affordable jewellery that will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks. The best part is they are all online so you don’t have to go through the stress of finding a brick and mortar store.

We have a compiled a list of 24 best online jewellery stores. Check them out:

1). Madewell

If you want to know and wear what’s hot now, your best bet is Madewell. Madewell makes elegant seasonal jewelry. It includes different styles and subcultures in their selection for every season.

It’s hard to keep up with the latest fashion in accessories if you are not a professional stylist. One season you are expected to match your jewelry with the colors of the season. The next season, season colors are out and costume jewelry is in.

Madewell keeps up with the trends so you don’t have to. They stock all the top must-have pieces of the season. This includes the latest takes on knuckle rings, tassel earrings, and ankle chains. Amazingly, all these trendy jewelry pieces are very affordable at Madewell.

2). Baublebar

If you are on the search for affordable yet fabulous jewelry, look no further than Baublebar. From bracelets to cocktail rings to necklaces, this online store has everything you need to stock up your jewelry box.

Apart from costume jewelry, they offer some of the fastest custom objects online. Imagine having your favourite emoji engraved on your pendant, your initials engraved on your pendant, or cufflinks. All these and more are possible at Baublebar. Their online store handles it within minutes and you receive your order within days.

It is not just bauble and showy ornaments at this store. Apart from the trendy and fashion-forward pieces they are known for, Baublebar also has elegant and sophisticated jewelry. They have a large collection of real gold jewelry and bijouterie under their “Fine Collection” that can be paired with haute couture or streetwear.

3). Kendra Scott

If you need to get a present for a loved one who loves gorgeous accessories, Kendra Scott makes stunning rings, bracelets, and earrings. They specialize in silver, gold and gem accessories. Combined with mind-blowing customer service, you will never shop for jewelry elsewhere.

Kendra Scott takes the cake for making some of the most beautiful necklaces you will ever see. Their necklace collection ranges from dazzling silver pieces to exceptional precious stones. What sets Kendra Scott apart is their chic designs and trendy designs.

They stepped away from the old-school styles the past generation of women made synonymous with class. They went from uptight to glamorous while still retaining the sophistication that is expected from fine materials.

4). Etsy

Etsy is not just a place for DIY-ers who see craft as a hobby. There are stores on Etsy that sell magnificent and unique hand-crafted jewelry of all types. The makers are independent jewelers and artisans who specialize in artisanal jewelry and quirky lifestyle pieces.

Depending on your choice, you can get jewelry for as low as $0.20 or as high as $200,000. You can get boho-gypsy earrings as well as Swarovski crystals.

The best part about buying handmade jewelry from Etsy is that it is one of a kind. On the artisan’s shop pages, you can read about their creative process and see reviews from past customers. You are buying something unique that you won’t see off the rack at any mall.

Whatever your style is, you will never run out of options. The navigation is quite easy and you can filter your search to find the material, era, style or price you are looking for.

5). & other stories

& other stories is a well-known European store which has become quite popular in the U.S. They are trendsetters in European streetwear with outlets in Stockholm, Paris and London. The jewelry store is known for its statement pieces and cool finds.

Even though they stock fabulous scarves and chic boots too, their jewel section is where they shine best. & other stories has an exotic catalogue of jewelry from hair accessories to brooches, vintage earrings, affordable rings and gorgeous necklaces.

6). James Allen

For over 15 years, James Allen has been the number one online source for high-quality wedding and engagement jewelry. This is not some store that sells kitschy, flashy bauble. It retails superior statement jewelry especially engagement and wedding rings.

James Allen has jewelry for every pocket with some going for as low as $150 while some are as expensive as $3 million. It is a haven for online diamond shoppers. They have their exclusive diamond display technology through which shoppers can scrutinize their stones. Using this technology, shoppers can examine the stone extensively from the comfort of their homes.

One of their best features is jewelry personalization. You can design and customize your ring to the exact specifications you want. You get to choose the band style in your preferred metal, the diamonds or gems, the setting, the inscription and much more. At the end of the day, you end up with a ring that is truly and literally one of a kind.

7). Tiffany and Co

This is one of the world’s most famous jewelry store. Tiffany is a fully-featured luxury accessory retailer. It is a great place to purchase jewelry online. The blue tiffany box has permeated pop culture as a high-end jewelry store.

Tiffany is one of the most trusted and recognized names in the jewelry business. Its physical stores have been around for decades but its online store is relatively new. The online store is steadily gaining popularity in the online jewelry world. The site is professionally designed and has seamless navigation. Any item you buy at Tiffany is guaranteed to be of premium quality.

8). Blue Nile

Blue Nile is the first company in the world to sell diamonds on the internet. Today, it is the largest diamond retailer on the internet, with offices and operations all around the world. Blue Nile has a breathtaking selection of jewelry at affordable prices.

The number one perk of shopping at Blue Nile is endless options. It is one of the largest jewelry vendors so you can get $30 jewelry as well as $200,000 jewelry. You have access to the most fabulous fashion jewelry, costume jewelry and brand names.

Blue Nile beats other jewelry vendors both in affordability and customer service. They have customer service representatives who are available 24/7 to help improve your shopping experience. Their prices are also significantly lower by as much as 60% when compared to what other vendors charge for the same quality of jewelry. 

9). Ross-Simons

Ross-Simons has the most stunning set of jewelry selections. They also have the widest range of jewelry brands anywhere ranging from bracelets to brooches, rings, necklaces, anklets, and earrings. Whichever fashion jewelry you think of, they’ve got it in all materials including diamonds, pearls, gems, sterling silver and platinum.

When it comes to pricing, they are just as varied. You are bound to find a unique and gorgeous piece of jewelry regardless of your budget. You must have come across affordable jewelry stores, but none come close to what is obtainable at Ross-Simons.

This is because they offer prices up to 70% below competing retailers. The cheapest item at this site costs $7 and the price never exceeds $100,000. Ross-Simons even has a clearance rack where you can find value-priced selection of fine jewelry including designer jewelry on sale.

10). Mejuri

Mejuri sells affordable delicate, dainty jewelry. Their catalogue of jewelry and accessories is minimalist, yet chic. The jewelry designers at Mejuri believe less is more. This is evident in all their pieces. They make the kind of stuff you don’t have to ever take off so they take comfort very seriously.

They make and stock every modern piece of jewelry you can think of and at reasonable prices too. They have stackable rings, bar studs, open circle, evil eyes, bracelets, and so much more. Mejuri also makes engravable jewelry. You can customize their pieces either for gift purposes or for personal use.

11). Mikimoto America

Mikimoto is the leading producer and retailer of quality cultured pearl. Kokichi Mikimoto created the world’s first cultured pearl in 1893. Before the advent of cultured pearls, pearls were rare jewels that could only be owned by the aristocrats inheriting them across generations. After Mikimoto introduced cultured pearl, it made its way into the world of fashion jewelry pieces.

The website specializes in presenting only the finest class of superior gems and pearl jewelry. Their collections are effortlessly feminine and imaginative. They make use of the Mikimoto sorting process and proprietary guarding system to ensure every customer acquires the very best high jewelry.

12). AUrate

A lot of diamond-wearers are more conscious of the origins of their diamond and want to be sure it is ethically and humanely-sourced. If you are on the search for sustainable, tear-free diamonds which are also genuine, head over to AUrate.

Most online diamond vendors focus on clarity, cut and size of diamonds foregoing the source. AUrate focuses and commits to ensuring their diamonds are cruelty-free. There are no blood diamonds at this site.

All their pieces go through the meticulous Kimberly Process to ensure they come from conflict-free zones and mines with humane working conditions. They have a curate advice option which helps you choose from preset options to determine which style suits you best.

13). Ice Trends

Ice Trends is an amazing jewelry marketplace that allows you purchase directly from the jewelry manufacturers and designers that supply the big retailers. Ice Trends is one of the most trusted sites in the jewelry business. For over 16 years, it has connected millions of buyers of fine jewelry to the manufacturers.

You can find stunning diamonds, birthstones, engagement rings and jewelry pieces ranging from $40 to $33,000. Since you are buying directly from the manufacturers, the prices are affordable and you also get information about the jewelry you are purchasing. You can get customized pieces or choose from a catalogue of beautifully-designed, popular jewelry.

Ice Trends has a great policy which allows buyers to return their purchase within 7 days for a full refund. You can equally trade-in your purchase for the first 30 days, no questions asked.

14). Zales

Zales is another trusted online jewelry retailer with a user-friendly website for their customers. They provide a wide range of choices for buyers who are looking for excellent value in fine jewelry. Zales also make customizable accessories. You get to engrave your moniker on beautiful and flashy statement pieces or have your team mascot embossed on your team’s set of matching rings.

They also offer fair prices for high-quality diamond and gold jewelry items. Zales takes pride in providing ethically sourced diamonds. They have high-end collectibles and trendy pop pieces. From Victorian-era brooches to pop culture accessories, they retail hand-selected jewelry from all around the world.

15). Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg diamonds is the oldest jewelry chain in the U.S. it was founded in 1915 and since then, it has expanded to include over 200 locations across the country. Helzberg specializes in truly superior, flawless diamonds.

They have a selection of popular jewelry brands which includes rare pieces as well as popular and trendy accessories. The highlight of Helzberg jewelry brands is their Masterpiece Collection. They are some of the most gorgeous and remarkable diamonds you will ever see. From the cut to the size and clarity, they are truly exceptional. You get to peruse and purchase them from the comfort of your home.

16). Miral Jewelers

Miral Jewelers is not like other multinational jewelry stores. It is a family business that makes beautiful and affordable jewelry. For over 20 years, they have delivered different choices of jewelry in gold and silver.

Miral Jewelers focuses on customer satisfaction in a way that other online jewelry stores cannot even begin to compete. From their website to the customer service agents, Miral Jewelers go the extra mile to make their customers feel special and welcome.

They offer flexible payment options that allow you to pay off your purchase within your budget. They also offer jewelry and watch repairs. Their jewelry price ranges from $35 to $7000.

17). Camille

Do you know that awkward feeling of walking into a party and seeing about three people wearing your jewelry? It is embarrassing seeing random strangers wearing what you thought was a unique brooch or choker. If you have ever experienced this, you would love unique, hand-crafted jewelry pieces.

Camille is your destination for unique statement pieces. They specialize in hand-made pieces you won’t find elsewhere. This includes layered necklaces, bohemian goddess chokers, ultra-sleek bracelets, chic rings and gorgeous shimmer phoenix ankle chains.

One of the perks of shopping at Camille is that no two pieces are alike. This means any jewelry you buy from them is truly one of a kind. Their unique pieces are tailor-made and handcrafted for a perfect finish. Camille makes use of the finest quality of stones and materials to give you custom-crafted pieces you can wear to simple occasions or red carpet events.

18). World Jewels

If you are looking for an online jewelry store that designs and manufactures its own jewelry, World Jewels is your destination. They are one of the few sites that design and make their own jewelry instead of only reselling from manufacturers.

They have a fabulous jewelry collection in 14k gold, 18k gold, platinum, gemstones and over 7000 diamonds. If you do not find what you’re looking for or you have something else in mind, World Jewels will customize any type of jewelry you want. All you have to do is say the word.

Due to their extensive catalogue, numerous designs and their ability to personalize jewelry, it has become the go-to site for engagement and wedding rings. Because they manufacture their jewelry items, World Jewels is affordable. They also offer free shipping and 30-day return policy. It is almost impossible to beat this.

19). Jewelry.Com is the best site for the lowest prices on jewelry items. They are like a search engine for jewelry. They scour the net, looking for the best deals and rock-bottom prices on jewelry items. They ensure you get the same quality found at high-end stores but for a ridiculously cheap amount. offers deals you won’t even find in local retailers with some items being as cheap as $10. There are numerous brand names and collections to choose from so you can get independent jewelry as well as designer labels. ships to all parts of the world. They have smart order tracking so you can see exactly where your shipment is and when it will get to you. They also have a 30-day return policy, no question asked.

20). Catbird 

If you are the type that loves their jewelry to tell a story, welcome to Catbird. Catbird revamps timeless classic jewelry items. Catbird provides a balance between major retailers and custom jewelers because even though they source from jewelry manufacturers and retailers, they refurbish them to get to one of a kind designer items. As such, each piece of jewelry has a story.

Catbird accessories selection is full of unique designs that still keep in tune with the store’s elegant theme. The store is well-organized so you can find what you are looking for quicker and easier. Catbird works with reputable designers to provide their products in beautiful branded pouches and cases.

Catbird is a luxury store and as such has a narrower audience. However, they give great value for your money’s worth.

21). Anna Sheffield

This online store offers fine, durable jewelry you can splurge on. Anna Sheffield specializes in engagement and wedding jewelry. They give a fresh alternative to traditional wedding jewelry while still giving off a classic vibe.

Their collections are crafted with mixed precious metals, diamonds, pearls, rainbow moonstone, and gemstones. Their line stocks an endless collection of sculptural wedding jewelry with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

22). White Flash

White Flash is a bridal jewelry retailer who specializes in ideal cut diamonds in designer settings. They are trusted by thousands of customers the world over and have won numerous prestigious awards in the business. They have impressive customer service standards and outstanding product quality.

They offer a large collection of in-house rings and designs for shoppers to choose from. Their A CUT ABOVE signature collection is one for the books. If you would rather have designer rings, they also offer designer rings from Ritani, Tacori, Danhov and Verragio.

23). Gorjana

Gorjana is one of the leading online retailers for all brand names at the best prices. They have a huge selection of jewelry ranging from bijouterie to unique gemstones. Their accessories are delicate and feminine and include layered necklaces, stacking rings and bracelets.

Their collection of stone jewelry is exquisite and make great classic pieces. You are bound to find whatever you are looking for whether it is statement pieces, vintage jewelry, funky accessories, and trendy bauble. They stock urbane, vintage and millennial pieces.

24). Jewelry point

Colored diamonds are as fascinating as they are rare. If you are a collector or just an ardent wearer, you know that very few sites can give you diverse jewelry items made with colored diamonds. Jewelry Point offers bright jewelry that defies your expectations. All their pieces are designed around their unique colors to best display them.

If you’re fond of day jewelry, you would love what they have to offer. They make chokers with thin layers and well-polished resplendent stones. There are romantic pink diamond, aquamarine necklace alongside black, purple or red diamonds.

They have tennis bracelets, wedding bands, fashion rings, hoops, and other fabulous items made with colored diamonds. Jewelry Point also plays around with metal texture and blends to create astonishing results.

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This list of reliable jewelry online stores will help make your jewelry shopping an amazing one. Every site on this list has its own unique selling proposition. It’s up to you to find which one suits you best.