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The QVC website operates a 24-hour television shopping channel that streams live retail programming. The free to air TV network shows a broad variety of items from shoes, clothing, appliances, home décor and fashion. The company was established at Pennsylvania in November 1986 and is operated by the supermarket company Comcast Qurate.

QVC’s facilities are currently accessible in up to seven nations including France, Italy, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia.

This platform has too many cool features but the purchase and pay later option is one of the most valued ones. The websites makes possible a circumstance of paying in installments. This is a condition where you can collect the preferred goods and pay bit by bit without any extra costs attached. The platform has a mission to impress and entertain the consumers every day with selected ranges of items important to their lives from brands such as Bobbi brown, Sephora, hello kitty and philosophy.

The platform needs its users to be absolutely pleased with the orders. That is why they have a very fair return policy which says that if you are not happy with the items delivered to you for whatever cause, their return policy permits you to send back the returns eligible items within 30 days of the date you received the package for a refund of the purchase price, minus the shipping and handling and q return label fee.

 Through encouraging the customers to give their reviews or experiences about services rendered to them, the company interacts with consumers.  The transmission of QVC is made possible partly with the sponsorship of Pennsylvania’s common wealth and the Pennsylvania film office. The official website address to this platform is

 In this niche, there are a lot of websites available which can serve as a substitute to QVC. In this article, we have reviewed and mentioned below the best alternatives to QVC that makes available payment methods where you can buy now and pay later. Please note that the rankings below are in no specific order.

Below are the sites like QVC:


Taobao is china’s largest online shopping platform established by the Alibaba Group on 10th May 2003. Just like the meaning of its name which implies “searching for treasures,” Taobao is where you can find products of outstanding quality at incredibly low prices. Taobao comprises of virtual shops owned by individuals or corporations. This is how it works, retailers positions a good or service at their Taobao shop. Sellers on Taobao will list goods and services and sell them at a set rate or via auctions.

The majority of the products are a large variety of commodities that are sold at set rates similar to conventional retail stores. To help customers determine the stores, they can scan inventory and store seller information, feedback and ratings. Using the Taobao search engine the customer searches for a particular product. If the customer has questions, the store can be contacted via Taobao instant messaging system. Upon collection of a good, the consumer pays for the item using Alipay which is the online and mobile payment network of Alibaba.

This money will be placed on escrow up to ten days. The vendor shall be told of the order and the items shall then be delivered to the client. If the consumer has purchased the product, they have a short period to check that the products are acceptable and the consumer can rate the product. The money would then be transferred into the store from the escrow.

Taobao holds several online shopping events during the year to advertise shops and goods. These festivals along with paid search, live streaming and other marketing opportunities provide vendors with the chance to advertise their goods and entice Chinese customers. To visit this platform use their official website link


Bluefly runs an online discount shop with luxury clothes and trendy home products that the firm offers at costs as much as 30 to 75 percent cheaper than the conventional retailers. The New York City based company provides over 350 designer apparel brands, including prominent labels such as Prada, Ralph Lauren Collection, Tod’s, Diesel, Michael Kors, Dolce and Gabbana, Diane Von Furstenberg, Gucci and Versace.

Although the platform offers menswear, Bluefly mostly targets female customers under the age of 30. House ware offers include such commodities as bedding, bath, dinner wave, drink ware, flat ware and table tennis linens, picture frames and pillows and throws. Bluefly is 90 percent operated by Money Manager George Soros.

Bluefly has a simple graphic user interface which can be understood by anyone. To verify your order status on Bluefly, sign in to your account and click on the order to see the shipping status and tracking information. If you have checked out as a visitor, you can view your order status by clicking “view order status”. The official website address of this platform remains

American Express, Master card, Visa and Discover card are all accepted forms of payment on Bluefly. They also offer PayPal. The platform does not accept cash, cash on delivery or checks. It is important to also note that all orders on Bluefly are charged in United States Dollars. It is not possible to make changes or cancel an order once it has been placed. This is because the platform does not waste much time to get your order to you but depending on the return policy of the item you have ordered, they are always ready to accept the items after you got them.


Evine is an ultra-fun digital store offering consumers across the world enticing labels and exclusive items. The platform’s TV network offers entertainment shopping to millions of homes while their ever-growing mobile online and social channels welcome you to buy, share and smile the day away. Evine products stretch into many popular categories, making them a one-stop destination for watches, home and food, fashion, beauty, health and fitness, electronics, jewellery and lots more.

Evine is dedicated to supplying you with the best digital shopping experience. Through uniting live TV, online and mobile shopping, and communicating to their customers via social networking which includes facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, Google+ and Pinterest, the platform strives to educate, thrill and inspire hundreds of thousands of fans every day.

Their customers are faithful and active. With 24/7 access to hosts and guest experts, the Evine team are working hard to create a comfortable place to learn, laugh, purchase your favorite products and discover new exclusive things that can only be found at their website. The company has its headquarters, broadcast facilities and customer service located in Eden Prairie, MN, with a distribution and customer service call center located in bowling green.

Evine’s live TV programming covers over 87 million United States homes via cable and satellite affiliates. Evine live programming streaming can be accessed using which is the company’s official website address, on supported mobile devices and on facebook.


Afterpay is a digital service which allows buying stuff now and paying it off in fortnightly instalments just like QVC. Unlike other platforms we have reviewed so far you will have the goods right away whether you buy online or in a store. And in the best scenarios, you will pay nothing more. In Australia, this payment method is gaining rapid popularity. As of February 2018, more than 1.5 million customers have used this payment method to buy approximately a billion dollars worth of stuff from 12,000 merchants.

Any of Afterpay’s transaction would be charged in fortnightly installments. Missing an installment would result in a $10 fee and another $7 fee will be paid if you struggle to meet the repayment within a week. Missing all the repayments on a pair of jeans that costs $100 then has the potential to put tou back an additional $68.

When you sign up Afterpay does not run a credit check. That makes it special from other forms of credit as there is no check to see if it suits your needs. It also varies by not paying interest. If all of the repayments are met, there are no additional costs. That makes it more appealing than payday loans, but it is still no better than saving up to make a purchase. The company was founded in the year 2015 and has its headquarters situated at Melbourne, Australia.

Most of Afterpay’s revenue is from retail charging. In the first half of the 2018 financial year, the business produced more than $37.1 million in dealer fees, with a further $10.8 million in late fees. Some customers could not make their repayments which resulted in the company writing off $6.8 million in unpaid debt.  The official website address to Afterpay is visit them to learn more about their modes of operation.


When it comes to online shopping of stuff like jewellery, furniture, electronics, home décor, beauty and fashion, there are a lot of alternative websites that can be found online. QVC might be one of the largest, but there are other options and all of them do provide simple payment programs that offer a way to get the goods the customers need at reasonable rates.