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Best stores like Urban Outfitters. When you need to find great clothing for casual days, you will find that there are many stores like Urban outfitters to check. If you want urban outfitters alternatives, there are different places to purchase pieces for any occasion.

It helps when you are sure of the kind of outfit you want to wear and when you get it, we are sure you will agree that it is an awesome feeling. Urban Outfitters is referred to as a clothing store which seeks to offer contemporary clothing for not just men but women also.

They provide clothing which ranges from vintage dresses to boho clothing or simply graphic t-shirts. Regardless of what you are seeking, Urban Outfitters can make sure that you get the ideal clothes that fit the occasion.

It can be a problem however if you move to a new place and realize that the store is not close to you. Do not lose hope yet because we have outlined five stores like Urban outfitters so if you are looking for sites like urban outfitters, keep reading.

Stores Like Urban Outfitters:

1). ASOS

This is an online clothing store and they believe that you should possess the freedom of expressing yourself without any judgment, and you can show this express through how you dress. They have clothes in about thirty different sizes so that regardless of what your body size or type is, you will always be able to get the ideal outfit that you desire.

They have clothing that ranges right from cool floral print on jeans to neon shirts and the clothes you will see at ASOS are the kind of clothes that are capable of making a statement. So if you like to express your personality by not speaking but dressing how you feel, this clothing store is the right one for you.

They do not discriminate by gender, which means that it is definite that men and women can find a vast array of fabulous and bold outfits to pick from a place regarded as one of the stores like Urban outfitters.

This is an online fashion store which ensures that they offer their customers the kind of fashion that stands out in every occasion, and would make them feel, look and simply be their best, which is one less thing to worry about when other things are on your mind.

If you are searching for sites like urban outfitters, this online fashion store is not just legit, it is safe and backed by about twenty years of seamless operation. It provides both men and women with fashion especially for the crowd in their twenties.

They have a wide array of products and they include shoes, clothing, accessories, home/living items and beauty products etc. They provide free delivery and allow free returns. They process quick refunds and you can pay with credit/ debit cards or your PayPal account.

They provide customer support through your email, through live chat as well as their social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Their website is really mobile-friendly, plus they have applications for not just Android but iOS devices too.

The word Asos is an acronym. It means “as seen on screen” and the whole idea was so that customers to come over to the shore to purchase any fashion style seen tv shows, on runways, or fashion magazines etc. Even though it is still ashore where you can purchase new fashion trends, they give you different and special own-brand products.

They have been operational since 2000, they are legit and registered with Companies House in England as well as London headquarters and they are a large fashion hub. They possess over 13.4 million customers as well as 19 million followers on social media. They are one of the United Kingdom’s biggest independent fashion and online beauty retailers.

They have offices in the US, Australia, as well as some other European countries; though they serve their customers worldwide. Asos does not have products for children and senior citizens but if you are a male or female young adult in your early or late twenties, you will love this one-stop fashion shore.

They give you different choices of new fashion trends and their product range can be unbelievable as they include gift items too. The Prices are not simply affordable, this one which fits sites like urban outfitters will give you free shipping, which means you do not need to pay extra to have your stuff delivered to you.

They also run promotions that will help you get better prices and the quality of their goods will leave you satisfied with everything you purchase. For more sites like urban outfitters, keep reading.

2). Madewell

If you want a denim jacket or an ideal pair of jeans, Madewell specializes in denim and they like to refer to themselves as the “made for denim lovers”. Therefore, if you love denim outfits, you should know that Madewell is a great store for you to get clothes. They do not just sell denim though, they possess different kinds of clothing which you can pick from.

This urban outfitters alternative has maxi dresses, rompers, maxi dresses as well as tunic shirts and you can easily choose your summer wardrobe or beachwear whenever you are at Madewell. For men’s clothing, there are a little fewer options to purchase, unfortunately.

There are mostly jeans, which can be good for you if you want a new pair from a store that handles them properly. The name of the company is obviously an advert blurb. It informs you that the company has the ability to make something well. They don’t leave you wondering what they make well because they make wonderful jeans and things that match with denim-like keep-forever bags, easy tees, compliment worthy shoes, as well as jewellery you can wear every day.

They are an online fashion store and they began in 1937 by Julius Kivowitz in England but it doesn’t mean that they have been working well since that time. Then, it was not a popular choice for women, mostly because it was they weren’t a quick fashion shop with cool, sexy, tomboy or even artful styles at the time even though they have certainly rectified that today.

Then, they sold bib overalls, jeans, bib overalls, plus dungarees mainly for factory workers plus fishermen. They were operational for decades, but that ceased in 1989 when their final factory was shut down. In 2006, J. Crew CEO called Mickey Drexler bought the brand name then turned it into what you see today and it is a promising brand in mass fashion.

This means that Madewell is presently owned by the J. Crew Group Inc. They emphasize the denim line and as a result, that is what they are better known for. Rebirthed in 2006, they began as a fashion store for women so they now produce women’s clothing apart from denim. They added men’s range as well as some home collections while they were expanding.

This is a fashion store which is identical to sites like urban outfitters, actively pursued creativity over the years, which has led to super fashion products. An example of that is Thermolite fibre. It is cold-weather denim that will keep you warm; another of their products makes use of innovative stretch technology that does not sag even when heavily stretched.

It is a legal fashion store which has centred quality as a niche to stay relevant in mass fashion. They have remained true to their name and their goods are made well. Because they threw their weight right behind their denim line, you will definitely want to check it out if you are seeking top-quality jeans.

Though their product line is certainly not the biggest you’ll find, they provide other women’s clothing, they have a men’s range, as well as a home collection. Because they offer quality items, their prices can be higher than normal, but if you go to their sales section, you will definitely find reduced and reasonable prices for quality items.

3). TopShop

If you want sites like urban outfitters, this is a clothing store from Britain that has a great range of specialities especially when you are particular about clothes. You do not have to be from Britain because they ship to a lot of international countries, regardless of whether they are large or small.

The only thing you would have to remember is that your clothes can take a while longer to arrive than they normally would. Apart from that, TopShop caters to people with different sizes because they possess sections for tall, petite, maternity etc which means that regardless of what body type you have, there is a great chance that you will be able to get clothes which perfectly suit your needs.

This store is a women fashion retailer based in the UK and their name says a lot about how they see themselves because they advertise themselves as not just style-setters but your wardrobe’s stars. They also see themselves as the Mecca for cool girls and this means that they regard themselves as the end destination for people who love exquisite fashion styles.

They began in 1964 simply as a department store’s extension, but in 1974, they launched themselves as a different retail brand. Their headquarters is in London and they are presently owned by the Arcadia Group Ltd. This urban outfitters alternative operates in about 500 stores worldwide and they give you a nice range of women’s shoes, clothing and accessories.

They also ship to about 100 countries and offer free shipping worldwide. There is a returns window which is fourteen days post online purchase. Their

Customer support can be reached through their online contact form or telephone.

If you are looking for stores like Urban outfitters, check out this one. Since they began in 1974, they have been running for very long that they outdo so many fashion shops of today. At first, they began as a department stores extension (Peter Robinson). Later, that extension was named Peter Robinson’s TopShop.

That store sold fashion items that targeted the young than ten years later, they launched themselves as a different retail brand. They grew then established different stores in the UK. In the early 2000s, they came into the US and they also went to Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australia.

They presently have about 320 shops right in the United Kingdom alone, then 272 shops not excluding franchises in different parts of the world. Running for about 55 years in the fashion business, they have proven to be a reliable fashion store and they give you quality fashion pieces for women from big brands in the fashion business so there is simply no doubt that it is not just legit, it is safe.

You will receive your order when you order online and sensitive information cannot be leaked out to any unauthorized person. They do not just give you quality pieces as well as a big inventory size, they give you outstanding service like a stress-free payment system, they ship to about 100 countries, they give free shipping worldwide, and they also give free domestic returns.

They are not completely perfect though as they can also deliver things late, they process refunds on a longer time than you may like and the customer service can be frustrating at times.

4). Zara

If you are seeking for sites like urban outfitters, that will definitely make a statement when you step out of your house, this store is the ideal place to look. When you have clothes which are green, angular, and baggy, you can surely turn heads whenever you decide to wear any outfit from this store.

If these sort of edgy greens are simply not your style, they possess other choices for you. With blues, camo, greys, as well as graphic print shirts that are available, you still have a lot of choices waiting for you if you decide to purchase anything at Zara.

This is a fashion retailer based in Spain and it is owned by Inditex, which began operating in 1975. This urban outfitters alternative specializes in men, women, and kids wear and in 2010 they began their online operation. They possess a wide retail network which consists of about a thousand physical stores worldwide.

This is definitely part of sites like urban outfitters and they give you free shipping, they allow returns for you to get a refund or even exchange your purchase that was made within thirty days of the delivery date. Their customer support is not just available via chat, it is available via telephone and their social media.

They are one of the largest international fashion companies as they operate worldwide, plus they do not just specialize in women’s clothing, they also have men and children’s clothes. Zara is owned by Inditex, which regards itself as one of the biggest fashion retail companies in the world. In 1975, the very first Zara place was opened by Amancio Ortega who is the founder of Inditex in A Coruña (Spain).

Their goal was not just simply to give fashion styles but also to give them at really affordable prices and to achieve this objective, they shrank the gap that is between the creation of fashion and its customers which brought them nearer than ever to those products they desire.

Their strategy was successful, and by 1983, they had expanded right across Spain, and they had nine stores in prestigious shopping districts found in Spain’s largest cities. In 1988, they went international when they opened a store in Porto which is in Portugal); then a year after that, they became transatlantic when they opened a store right in Lexington Avenue which is in New York, USA.

This is one of the sites like urban outfitters and Zara continued expanding in the following years by entering new markets in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa and by 2007, the 1000th store was opened in Florence.

They expanded beyond clothing lines in 2003 as they launched Zara Home, that sells home plus interior collections and when businesses began moving online, their home & interiors brand was recognized as the first to actually go online in 2007 when they launched

The clothing line followed in 2010 when they launched Zara has been in operation for about forty years, and the chain of stores, as well as distribution centres, offers them the ability to fulfil orders. They can ship to many worldwide locations, plus they give you free shipping. Their Shipping times are fast plus they allow you to return products within thirty days of your delivery date when you do not like what you ordered.

5). Nasty Gal

If you are seeking sites like urban outfitters, this is an online fashion retail store in America that regards itself the place that can make you a badass babe. This a way of saying that they have the ability to make you be seen as the best-dressed woman at every occasion or event.

They came in 2006, but they are now owned and maintained by the company called Boohoo Group Plc. They are a fashion retailer selling accessories, women wear and beauty products and they have a wide list of products that include tops, dresses, skirts, jeans, trousers, shoes, swimwear, lingerie, beauty products, as well as bags and more.

They give you very low prices, and they have enticing promotions. They do not give you free shipping and you can return if your purchase was made within twenty-eight days of getting an order. You can pay with credit/ debit cards as well as your PayPal account.

Their customer support is definitely available by their telephone, live chat, as well as email and their Website,  is compatible with every mobile device. In 2006, this urban outfitters alternative was founded by Sophia Amoruso and they specialize in providing fashion for young women. Sophia began Nasty gal by selling off old clothing right in San Francisco in an eBay store.

Initially, she did everything alone from getting and buying the products to taking pictures than writing the descriptions. In 2008, She moved away from eBay right to her own site. In 2009, The company got its warehouse space right in Berkeley, California in 2009; and their headquarters was moved in 2010 to Los Angeles, California.

In 2012, another distribution centre was opened in Shepherdsville, and they boasted of about 100 employees. The online retailer in 2014 opened its first brick & mortar store right at 8115 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and in 2015, this was followed right by another store located in Santa Monica.

After facing troubled times, in February 2017, they were acquired by the Boohoo Group Plc. They offer various clothing and they have shoes plus accessories that are under their own label; plus they also give many elegant styles that are from other designers. Currently, Nasty Gal possesses about 600,000 customers that can be found in over fifty countries.

The good thing is that their prices are affordable so you won’t have to destroy your wallet to get a nice outfit. One of their most amazing qualities is that from time to time, they give off superb promotions. And they have had promotions which cut off as much as seventy per cent off their prices.

And even promotions that have a fifty per cent discount off everything which is really awesome because you simply have to pay only half for anything that you want to purchase in this store that is one of those regarded as stores like Urban outfitters.

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You do not need to even worry about any sort of ripping off; because heh are 100% legit plus they are backed by their company, the Boohoo Group Plc, which does not just owns but operates several other high fashion stores. You should not bother about the safety of your credit card details because their payment gateway makes use of exceptional security protocol