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Best stores Like Pottery Barn – If you are a real proponent of outstanding furniture which will stand the test of time, you may naturally hold a special spot in your heart for Pottery Barn.

However, if you still want other stores like pottery Barn, then you have come to the right place.

Pottery Barn is a store that wants to occupy every single space in your home. They try to present collections that can cater to the different moods of users.

Even though Pottery Barn is a true industry leader when it comes to mid-century house furnishings, there are different identical stores to shop at.

If you want a store such as pottery barn that is creating their niche in the home decor space, keep reading. A lot of these possess really intriguing brand stories and unique missions and others possess their very own rapidly growing cult followings.

It does not matter the reason for needing to branch out to an alternative to Pottery barn. You can explore more options and empower yourself with variety, which is a good thing. This store is an ideal destination for people who are seeking to upgrade their home decor in a serious way. This is an upscale home furnishing site that is popular for its and stylish products plus designer lines.

There are different retailers that stock identical quality products like Pottery Barn. This means that you can find a great deal on home furnishings, swiftly locate chic pastel upholstered furniture, as well as light area rugs which reflect your openness or optimism. To make sure that this works, pottery barn makes sure to give shoppers different decor that can appeal to a large style aesthetic.

If their costs are too exorbitant for your budget or you simply cannot locate what you want, you can always check out an alternative to Pottery barn below.

Full List of Stores Like Pottery Barn:

1). West Elm

If you have done some shopping at West Elm in the past, you will agree that they possess an outstanding range of contemporary and mid-century-style furniture. They cater to your bed, home décor, bath, and different home needs. Even though their products are quite expensive, many of their products are too awesome to pass and you can be assured of the quality.

This store like pottery barn is definitely worth stopping at if you want something new. If you are living frugally however, you may not be able to buy much that suits your price range. If you are a student, you will receive a 15% in-store discount. Design professionals also receive a 20% discount.

This alternative to pottery barn has some edge in the sense that they offer premium products to their customers. They do not have many low-end products to offer. As a result, you should be prepared to spend at least $500-1000 on an end table that catches your fancy. They offer a credit card that has different cash-back offers plus other rewards.

Customers can enrol in any of their reward programs which are different from the credit card. Their credit card is called The Key. It is free to sign up and you receive 3% of your cashback on every purchase you make. This store also provides free design plus installation consultations by a professional to help you in a program that is called Design Crew.

2). World Market

This store does not provide a decor shopping experience that is quite as straight-forward as Pottery Barn. However, shopping on this store can feel so much like a quest which inevitably ends in customers stumbling on mouthwatering deals. Their unique shopping experience probably has a lot to do with their beginnings.

This store like Pottery Barn started as an import business which was run by a businessman from San Francisco who travelled from pier to pier with shiploads of excellent, hand-woven wicker. He would basically dock, unload his products while the locals came together in a frenzy then loaded up on different finds as fast as they could.

The unique thing about this alternative to pottery barn is that was actually no known “order” but customers could still find different quality pieces which various people ached to get their hands on. After discovering World Market, you would no doubt be a fan. They usually stock both decors, indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as kitchenware which is quite affordable especially if you buy products when they are on sale.

This store tends to list more rustic pieces and they are more budget-friendly when compared to pottery barn. Their highest price on items at pottery barn can be triple of those at World Market. At the world market, they have a section called “sold as is” which is near the face of the store. There, you can get scratched or slightly dented furniture products at a cheaper price.

3). The Citizenry

It is not often that you find a store that does not mass produce their pieces which is something that attracts many customers to The Citizenry. Apart from this fact, you will be particularly excited about them as a result of their incredible story.

The pieces you get from this store like pottery barn, are the kind that will ensure that your visitors just have to compliment on because of how eye-catching they are. Best of all, you will be able to inform them that the quantity of your decor is limited.

The designers who work with this alternative to pottery barn usually travel to different influential countries and collaborate with the local artisans to create different pieces with the use of local materials.

When they are done, they take the pieces online and this is how the store is able to provide small batches of handmade and worldwide inspired pieces that range from places like Morocco, Portugal, Peru, Chile, etc. The good thing is that they offer their products at prices that are feasible.

4). Modshop

You should shop at Modshop if you want your home to reflect your mood. Everything that is offered at this store is tasteful and almost over-the-top. Customers cannot get enough of their pieces. As evident in its name, this store’s aesthetic was influenced by the glitz in the 60’s mod style as well as the Hollywood Regency Glamour look.

You would just need to take a peek at this store like pottery barn’s pieces to realize that they fancy lacquered finishes plus gold details. This store is different from Pottery Barn mainly in the design arena.

It is a good thing that this alternative to pottery barn is different from the latter because every item at the store, is a statement piece which would perform well when complemented by the subdued midcentury-style which you can get at Pottery Barn.

If you do not want to stick to one store, you can combine pieces from both of them in your home. Modshop’s prices are quite identical to Pottery Barn because they both offer quality items as well as mid-tier prices.

5). Parachute

This store possesses a collection of mid-century, contemporary home accessories. They basically focus more on products which infuse detail to your home as well as items that make your house feel more like a home as a result of the comfy and warm pieces they come up with.

This store like pottery barn advertises their ability to do an excellent job of producing premium quality towels, sheets, robes, plush rugs and different soft and amazing items. Their bedding and linens are produced in Italy and they come in five colour families and they are slate, ash, white, navy and blue.

Even though this alternative to pottery barn feels like a brand that is accessories-first, they definitely possess a tastefully crafted collection of bohemian furniture that you can use to decorate your home.

As regards cost, this store is really affordable, especially considering the quality of furnishings that they provide and they make their products very accessible to customers.

6). Jonathan Adler

For this store, they truly pay close attention to the details. Their signature revered style is usually flush with vivid pastel colours as well as copper touches which scream elegance but do not give off the feeling of being stuffy.

Each product in this store like pottery barn has a collection that makes a statement. Their customers are people who are not scared of taking design risks. In their collections, they include everything from intriguing chandeliers, down to ceramic vases that are shaped like a fist holding a waffle cone.

The pieces in this alternative to pottery barn are definitely works of art that dazzle their customers. They create pieces that make your guests drool over how detailed they are and their pieces exist as advertisements on their own because of how well they draw people in to check them out.

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If you lean towards the chic kind of brooding mood, this store carries furniture that is stained with rich wood tones as well as gold accents to give your home a regal touch.