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This post will focus on all brands and stores that are like Lulus which can also fit as its alternatives.

Among the online fashion store that deals on trendy designs of apparel for all adventurous young female adults, Lulus has shown their customers all over the globe that they can offer the best and current trend in fashion designing. They have variants of brand design such as the Gucci, Rock n Roll, NYC Street style, Tattoo Culture, and loads of others Accessories that will give you and your wardrobe an edge over the other trends with style.

More About Lulus

Lulus recognized English as its official language and all the prices are tagged in USD. The company was founded in the summer of 1996 and the company was officially registered with the name “Lulu’s Fashion Lounge Inc.”. They have lots of trendy styles that fascinate and go ‘n’ rock babes with their variants of mind-blowing designs from different brands to crown it all. The company was founded by Collen Winter and Debra Cannon and the duo has worked very hard to take the female clothing, shoes, footwear as well as other accessories to every doorstep.

You can reach their head office by visiting their officially registered address located at 2334 Park Ave Chico, CA 95928 USA. All information needed for your smooth transaction is embedded in the official URL address of Lulus and should in case you wish to start up something with them, kindly visit, you can as well read the company’s terms and condition to know your eligibility as well as reading the privacy policy to determine if your private data are safe or not.

The Customer Support Unit handles all complaints relating to sales and other enquiries, so if you have any issue with your purchase, kindly contact them on their live chat messenger and have your questions responded to within few hours.

Stores Like Lulus are:


The brain behind this fashion store like Lulus is because the idea came from the inspiration of an innovative young lady and her goal of creating a fashion store for adventurous, edgy and cute fun chicks who desired crazy but modest design in fashion. They offer flirty florals, sexy denim as well as other apparel accessories.

The company was registered as Pink Ice Inc., and since inception has worked hard to remain at the top, and this development lead Lisa the founder of Pink Ice about twenty-five years ago to start this project which some thought that it may neither rise nor pass through the test of time.

Lisa created a fascinating fashion store for the cute and edgy hot babes who desired it all to be among best dressed in the reigning style tread without soiling the quality thereof. As it stands, Pink Ice has become present worldwide, due to their unique nature of undertaking and adapting to the change that goes with time, as well as remaining on the quality they are known for, even in some midst competitions.

The company headquarters is located at Pink Ice Quarters 1458 S San Pedro St #304 Los Angeles, California 90015 United States and everything you need to know about the platform is found in the official web page, kindly visit and you are required to check the terms and condition to know your eligibility level and the privacy policy tells more on how secured your private details were.

The customer service department handles the disputes and matters that may arise with all purchase and enquiries, kindly forward all complaints to the customer services agents who will respond fast to your pleas. The designated numbers are 1 (213) 745-8717 for international customers or (877) 494-1288 for Toll free. They are available from Monday thru Friday and time is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm PST.

Pink Ice Payment Method

The available payment processor in this platform as follows;

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Discover
  • JBC
  • American Express
  • Diners Club International
  • Google Pay
  • They as well accept payment from PayPal

Pink Ice Promotions and Reward

It is a necessary thing to motivate Customers by offering them some incentives and Pink Ice encourages their customers by giving them some discounts and rewards.

  • They also give out $10 Pink Ice Gift Card for purchasing products up to $200
  • Pink Ice gives you 10% discount off your first order after you must have completed your registration with them.
  • Hurry and be part of the Pink Ice 20% discount on Black Friday Sales (Promo Code is Blackfriday20)
  • Pink Ice offers all more discount when you use Gift card
  • Enjoy 30- day free return promo for all unused items


Boohoo is among many fashion stores on the web like Lulus, although they share some similarities, yet they are out on self-advertised competition as a UK based online fashion retailer. They specialize on their own brand of fashion apparel with up to 36,000 products or more to show for it. The brands are targeted to young pretty and adventurous babes within the age bracket of 16 to 24 years.

The UK fashion store known as Boohoo was founded in the Christmas period in the year 2006 under the guidance and supervision of Duo Chief Executives by name Carol Kane as well as Mahmud Kamani and since its inception they have gone global on sales with almost 580 million Euros as an annual revenue.

The Fashion Store’ headquarters is located in the serene environment of Dale Street, Manchester, UK. The company has a joint Chief Executives in the person of Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane. Presently Boohoo boosts of staff workforce of up to 2175 employees as of the second quarters of 2018.

In line with their commitment, they have received so many awards which have been given to them from renowned organizations, such as the Drapers Award 2014 as well as Business of the year Award 2017. You can find more about boohoo on their official URL address on and you can as well read their terms and conditions and privacy policy to know if the site is safe for you.

The site is safe for transactions as Boohoo employs the services of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security technology to safe guard user’s credit card details from being cloned.

Boohoo Payment Options

Some payment processors have been approved by Boohoo as to enable customers to make their transactions with ease. And they include as follows;

  • Apple Pay
  • Master Card
  • Discover (Via PayPal)
  • American Express (Via PayPal)
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Diner Club
  • Boohoo do not accept Direct Bank Transfer, personal checks, money orders, and all payments are in USD and Euro

Boohoo Promotions and Reward

Below lies some of the rewards offered by Boohoo and these include;

  • Hurry now as to get 30% OFF some items like Coats, Knits as well as boots
  • Get offers with Premier value of 7.99 Euros for every next day delivery for all items
  • Boohoo offers you up to 25% off all Men’s wear
  • Enjoy the 14-day free return offered by Boohoo
  • You can as well get your items delivered for free when you order up to $70 worth of products
  • Rush and get some discounts when you sign up for Boohoo newsletter

3). GoJane

This is another site like Lulus that offer superb designs of clothing, footwear, handbags as well as accessories for the adventurous, trend-setting and confident young women who wish to stay ahead of other brands of fashion in grand style. Furthermore, whenever think of Gojane, you can understand it as a fashion store that details on retailing variant brands in Apparel, footwear and other clothing accessories for edgy, confident, unique, trend-setting and the monstrous cute babes as well, who wished to remain on top of the revolving fashion challenge using their own unmatched grand style.

The company was founded and registered in the late spring of 1998 under the leadership and management of Tony Pang and Kurt Kimura, the duo has worked so hard in fulfilling the desires of many fashion lovers by giving them the style and design that gives them that celebrity look. In Gojane, you will meet innovate, dedicated team players that possess variants creative mindset about fashion, yet committed to the main goal of giving customers the latest trend. The store kicked off officially for business in the mid-summer of 1999 and since then, their customers have never given any report of feeling unsatisfied with their products.

Every other detail can be gotten from the fashion store and you can access it using their official URL address at, it might interest you note that Gojane is operating as a subsidiary of Aeropostale Inc., which is located in the city of Ontario, California. The company boost a total revenue of approximately $30 million revenue in the 2017 yearly report. The company is located at Gojane Complex, 950 N. Barrington Ave. Ontario, CA 91764 United States of America.

Online issues should be directed to the customer support representatives through their official live chat messenger and you can reach them during the working hours from Monday to Friday and the time is 9 am to 5 pm (PST).

The web platform has a userfriendly interface and it is equipped with easy to navigate tools, and you will be rest assured that website is fully guarded with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with 128-Bit Encryption protocol to protect all users’ credit card details from entering the hands of any unauthorized persons.

Gojane Payment Options

It is necessary to have your payment approved, and you have to adhere strictly to the payment rules of Gojane, and the designated payment processors include;

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Discover (Via PayPal)
  • American Express (Via PayPal)
  • PayPal
  • Money Orders
  • Gojane however, may not accept personal checks, Direct Bank Transfer and all payments are in USD

Gojane Promotions and Rewards

For the customers to be happy and feel considered, Gojane offers some promotions and rewards to their esteemed customers.

  • Hurry now and enjoy the 50% discount off SITEWIDE (Promo Code is SITEWIDE)
  • Be among the girl gang graphic crop tee and get discount (using SNACK50 promo code)


This a one fashion store like Lulus that overhaul your looks with funky as well as fun fashion designs. They offer you long range of clothing, footwear, jewelry, shoes and many other apparel accessories.

The store known as Sugarlips offers latest trends, amazing deals as well as must-have fashion styles to all who desire to look different from the crowed. They have a large social media followership and that alone has given them a voice in the lips of their global customer.

The store has many things to offer their customers and if you are interested to be among those to benefit from Sugarlips, kindly visit their official web address using, you can as well as make enquiry about what is applicable on the platform.

The head office of the store is located at 2250 Maple Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90011 United States and you can get in touch with the customer service agents who are in charge of all complaints by dialing 1-800-619-2302.

The activities of the online store are strictly regulated using the 128-bit encryption protocol of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology.

Sugarlips Payment Options

Below are some of the available payment options registered by Sugarlips to serve their customers for brisk and easy payment with ease and these include;

  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • Diners Club International
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Master Card

Sugarlips Promotions and Reward

  • Grab the free shipping promo offered to all orders
  • You can as well enjoy the free item return
  • Enjoy 25% Off any three items you purchase
  • Rush now and start making your orders to get the Buy One and Get One on Sugarlips’ black friday
  • Hurry and sign up to enjoy up to 10% discounts on your next purchase


Romwe is a fashion store that operates like Lulus and they offer classic as well as edgy fashion designs that makes you exclusively different from the rest. In Romwe, you tend to get the best of fashion style of Clothing, Shoes, Hand Bags as well as Apparel Accessories.

The fashion store was registered as Romwe LLC and it was founded in the year 2010 with a sole aim of providing exclusive as well as trendy designs of clothing, home and living products as well as other apparel accessories.

The store has recorded a hooping sum of followers on the social media with Instagram followers of up to 1.6 million, facebook is 4.2 million while twitter is 40 thousand. They launched an international website and other app on the summer of 2011 and since then has earned wide range customers across the globe.

You can get many information from the platform by visiting the official web address on and check other details as to know if you are fit to commence transactions.

The customer service agents are readily available to solve any question or request that may arise from purchase and company matters. You can send them an email and they will respond to you within few hours.

Romwe Payment Options

Additional payments processors are being made available to airlift the huge influx of people on the online stores. Below is some approved payment processor to be used.

  • Master Card
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Google Pay
  • After Pay
  • Discover (Via PayPal)
  • American Express (Via PayPal)
  • Apple Pay
  • Romwe may not accept money orders, Direct Bank Transfer, personal checks, and all payments are in USD

Romwe Promotions and Reward

For customers to be pleased, so many steps have been taken in achieving this which one of them include giving out promotions and rewards to customers. Below are some of the available rewards and promo;

  • You can enjoy the free return promo when you don’t like your order
  • Romwe offers you some discounts when you subscribe for newsletter
  • Hurry now and be part of those that will get their items delivered to them free of charge
  • You will get $5 USD when you spend up to $49 USD on your first order
  • Rush now and get amazing discounts and promo from Romwe Black Friday Sales


In a nut shell, after going through the stores like Lulus, I found out that many of the stores have traits in common with each other, although only few has more to offer the other.

It is also worth to note that all the online platforms are secured and safe for online business and the transactions are protected using 128- bit encryption protocol and I recommend you start shopping from any of the ones listed above.

In as much as the platform is deemed fit for the transaction, I will advise you apply maximum precaution when dealing with an online transaction because no online platform is 100% secured or free from the activities of some cybercriminals who are always working round the clock to create loopholes to strike.

Having exhausted all the reviews, enjoy your ride into the world of trending fashion designs. Visit Here for a similar post