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Gypsy Warrior is an American owned online fashion store that deals with designer clothes for women and young ladies. They offer to trend fashionable clothes, shoes as well as accessories to their customers all over the world.

Their main retailing shop is located in New Jersey, and customers can walk into their shops and make a selection of all the ladies clothing and accessories. Gypsy Warrior came to make both young and older women look, feel confident, empowered as well as making them breathtakingly beautiful.

The company was founded in early 2010 under the management and watch of NiclaDiCosmo and MichealBezoza. The official URL address is, although the site is having a challenge and its interlocking with

You can locate them in Fair Lawn Ridgewood New Jersey and they have a staff workforce of up to 1 – 50, the company has made much revenue from fashion that the could boost of $1 – $5 per annual.

However, if you are still not satisfied with Gypsy Warrior, below we have listed the best Gypsy Warrior alternatives and sites similar to Gypsy Warrior you can choose from.

Due to the uniqueness of Gypsy Warrior, we are going to review other stores that possess similar characteristics and fashion species. The following stores listed below are some of the stores analyzed to have some levels of similarities with Gypsy Warrior Store.

Stores Like Gypsy Warrior:


Nasty gal is one of the popular stores like Gypsy Warrior. This is another fashion store that possesses some attributes of Gypsy Warrior and they are good with what they do.

The store is having much clothing, shoes as well as accessories in their own label and its specifically for ladies who are confident in themselves. They came into play to change the mindset and the fashion styles of young girls as well as making their wardrobe get a new fashionable look.

Payment Method

Different payment processors are acceptable and they include Visa Card, Master Card, PayPal and many more.

Reward System

Nasty gal offers their registered customers an amazing offer of up to 50% off everything they purchase from their stores and as well offer free shipment to their various destinations. Nasty Gal also offers amazing gifts to students who want to look good and this can be achieved when you log on to their student site on where you can be able to access all their current discounts and promotions. Students discount are 55% off every product purchased from the student’s platform.

  • H & M

This is one among many fashion stores like Gypsy Warrior that offer amazing designs of clothing, shoes, as well as many styles of accessories to complement the required mood of dressing you might think of at any given occasion.

Most of their collections featured designs way back in the summer of 1800s, when this great company was initiated by its grandfathers, William Morris whose work has left a legacy in the isles and asunder, inspiring millions of artists and designers to do more.

Payment Method

H & M accepts payments through different designated payment processor such as Bank, Credit Card, PayPal as well as Bitcoin.

Reward System

H & M has stood out from the crowd to offer fascinating services to all their customs who signed up to their platform, and they offer up to 25% off any product purchased as well as arrange for the delivery to your destination free of charge.

Most of their garment collection are unique and kept recycling the fashion sense of anything you could think of. Their iconic interiors brand has worked hand-in-hand with H & M to give you the best fashion taste to your wardrobe both in winter as well as autumn.


Miss Guided believed in championing the dressing style of young talented and real women. The are out in inspiring a new generation of unmovable and unstoppable ladies to be themselves and take charge of their selves and wardrobe. The have brand advocates and iconic women around the globe to champion their course.

Miss Guided is a vibrant and fast-growing online store that seeks to remain on top of their games as becoming the latest trend in order to make a reputable name in the global fashion industry as well as becoming the best and well-known retailer. it is also a good Gypsy Warrior alternative

Payment Method

The payment system in Miss Guided is very flexible and it accepts services from payment processors such as Visa, Master Card, as well as Bank Transaction.

Reward System

Miss Guided has so many rewards for their esteem customers, they have a 30% off any product ordered by a student. However, the bonus is only available to students up to the age of 16 years of age.

They work in collaboration with some shipping agencies such as USA Standard is free of charge, USA Express that costs $8, Canada Standard is free of charge as well as Canada Express which attracts a fee of $12. Miss Guided offers a commission of up to 8% to all their registered affiliate and its one of the best way to earn more money with Miss Guided.


This is another wonderful store that has similarities with Gypsy Warrior Stores. The offer the best designs of apparel to their female customers all over the world.They have diverse designs like the NYC Street style, Tattoo Culture, Gucci, Rock n Roll and lots of others to give you and your wardrobe an edge to the world’s trending swag. Is among the sites like Gypsy Warrior.

Payment Method

  • Lulus accepts the services of all credit card such as
  • Visa,
  • Master Card,
  • Discover,
  • JBC,
  • Diners Club International,
  • PayPal,
  • Lulus Gift Cards,
  • As well as Lulus Online Credit.

Further, they use the industry standard authentication and encryption technology to ensure that all your transactions are safe and secure.

Reward Program

Lulus offers many promo codes on their Facebook page, Twitter page as well as Instagram page. They also offer a 10% bonus for all customers who signed up for their email, follow, like and sign up to be among the first to access their sales and promotions. Lulu loves rewards loyalty program however; this program is only available for customers up to the age of 18 years and the reward is only for those residing in the United States of America.

Any Love reward account holder that makes at least two qualified order within a space of six months automatically qualifies for the VIP status and for you to maintain the VIP status, you have to be making an order every six months. Love reward gives you 15% off your purchase in the substituent purchase and VIP members get 20% off to be used on their next order.


This is an American fashion retail store that deals with variants of brands of clothing, shoes as well as accessories that suits the lifestyle and culture of the Californians. PacSun deals on unisex outfits with varieties of accessories to complement it. Is you are looking for more popular sites like Gypsy Warrior, Pacsun is a sure bet.

Note: Children under the age of 13 years may not be allowed in the store.

Payment Methods

PacSun accepts most payment processor such as Credit and debit cards, most especially those issued in the United States of America. The following are some of the cards the accept;

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • They also accept PayPal payment, however, orders paid with PayPal cannot be returned
  • You can as well pay using PacSun Gift Cards as well as the eCards
  • You may not be allowed to combine the payment of one credit card to any of the PacSun or eGift Cards.

Reward Program

PacSun has a reward program call “my GSOM”, which include:

  • Earn a sign – up bonus of up to $5
  • Earn up to 15 points for each PacSun email read
  • Get 50 points for checking your PacSun Store
  • Earn 50 points per sign in to
  • A reward of 10 Point for each $1 spent on their products
  • Get a $5 bonus for every 1250 points earned
  • Free shipping reward on shoes
  • Download the PacSun mobile application to enable you to access myGSOM Rewards easily and anywhere


Having evaluated all the stores similar to Gypsy Warrior, I found out the have similar reward system and payment method. The sites are well secured for transactions and you need not fear while trading with them, however, be cautious of the information you give out.